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Bay Ltd. Donates to the Coastal Bend Blood Drive

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In order to meet blood supply demands in the Coastal Bend over 100 people have to donate blood each day. Bay Ltd. had its most recent Coastal Bend Blood Center blood drive on Thursday, June 15th. Incredibly, 63 employees participated and helped save 240 lives with 80 units of blood!

The blood drive is something Bay Ltd. employees look forward to every time and is a event that is simple but crucial way to make a difference in someones life.

Want to donate but not sure what to expect? Donating is simple and it just takes a few easy steps:

  • As soon as you arrive all donors are registered and asked a few questions regarding their medical history.
  •  You will then undergo, a quick exam in order to record body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, and blood iron levels.
  • A phlebotomist will being to draw blood, the procedure lasts for just a few minutes, and in those easy steps you have helped save a life!

To find a blood drive near you or to learn more about blood donation and how you can help save a life, please visit