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Bay’s New 880 Ton Crawler Crane “Gives a Lift” to the Texas State Aquarium

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One of the many reasons that Bay Ltd. has been a successful business in our area is because of its many efforts to make the community in and around Corpus Christi even more attractive to visitors.  Recently, Bay Ltd. “reached out” by utilizing the Manitowoc 18000 crane to lift the largest structure that has ever been moved at the Texas State Aquarium.  Around 5:00 AM on July 7th, a crew from Bay Ltd. maneuvered the Manitowoc 18000 to lift an aluminum roof frame which will top the structure of the Texas State Aquarium’s newest exhibit: The Caribbean JungleBay Ltd. Crane

The aquarium, which is located on North Beach in Corpus Christi, is expanding with the new Caribbean exhibit, projected to open in Spring 2017. This structure will soon have 446 glass panes and will be the focus of the new exhibit. The roof structure, without the glass panes, weighs 151,000 lbs. It is 152 ft. in diameter and has a height of 46 ft. The new glass and aluminum frame will sit above the building’s jungle habitats. It will be the largest structure at the Texas State Aquarium to date.

In keeping Bay Ltd.’s long-standing safety culture, the lift had to be timed exactly when wind conditions were under 15 mph. Several crewmen from our company were all on site at 1:00 AM, ready to perform the lift when that time came. This is another excellent example of safety, quality and productivity that Bay Ltd. prides itself and strives for in every project. Bay Ltd. will continue to work in all areas of our community on projects that will benefit Corpus Christi and its surrounding areas.