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About Bay Ltd.

Founded on the Principles of Safety, Quality & Productivity

Our History

The Bay Ltd. legacy began over 65 years ago when Mr. Marvin L. Berry founded the family-owned Berry Contracting, Inc. in 1953. A man of integrity and vision, Mr. Berry was committed to producing quality construction services that supported the growth and future of South Texas. Through diligence and hard work, the team at Berry Contracting, Inc. saw their operations at the forefront of major cutting-edge construction projects that extended far beyond the Coastal Bend.

Since his passing in 1997, Mr. Berry’s legacy continues on through the thousands of individuals who support Bay Ltd. each day with pride, quality craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence in all areas of service. Guided by the principles of honesty and integrity, our organization continues to enjoy unprecedented growth and an unparalleled record of safety and service that drives our reputation internationally and in our own community.

Our People

Our employees are our greatest source of pride and we work hard to ensure the health and well being of every individual. That’s why instilling a culture of safety and accountability has become our number one priority. We are a company of colleagues, friends and family. Throughout our history, generations of employees have been proud to call Bay Ltd. home with grandparents working alongside children and grandchildren as they strengthen our company’s progress through dedication and hard work. This family dynamic has led to the mantra “people caring about people’s safety,” and has been instrumental in establishing a nationally recognized safety program with far-reaching impacts that extend beyond the jobsite and into our families and community.

Executive Team

Rob Powers 

President & CEO
Bay Ltd. 
Bay Family Since: 2019

Robert Blair

Vice President
Business Development
Bay Family Since: 1996

Jim Bliss

Vice President
Chief Info Officer 
Bay Family Since: 2008

Walter Brothers

Vice President 
Tank & Vessel Services
Bay Family Since: 1995

Randy Brown

Vice President
Investment Recovery Services
Bay Family Since: 2000

David Carlin

Vice President
Safety & Human Resources
Bay Family Since: 1989

Diane DeCou

Vice President 
CFO & Corporate Treasurer
Bay Family Since: 2009

Jack Dill

Senior Vice President
Houston Operations
Bay Family Since: 2000

Randy Feikls

Senior Vice President
Fabrication Services
Bay Family Since: 1990

Charlie Good

Corporate Quality Manager
Bay Ltd.
Bay Family Since: 1989

Kevin Gregory

Tennessee Pipeline Construction Company
Bay Family Since: 2004

Ricky Haws

Senior Vice President
Industrial Services
Bay Family Since: 1998

Crissy Hinojosa, Ph.D.

Vice President
Business Processes
Bay Family Since: 2008

Mike Hummel 

Vice President 
General Counsel 
Bay Family Since: 2020

Ken Luhan

Executive Vice President
Bay Ltd. 
Bay Family Since: 1984

Max O’Neil

Vice President 
Instrument & Electrical Services
Bay Family Since: 1992

Bill Parker

Assistant Vice President
Montana Operations
Bay Family Since: 1989

Berry Peterson 

Vice President
Equipment Services
Bay Family Since: 2009

D.J. Smith

Senior Vice President
Project Controls 
Bay Family Since: 1980

Kevin Stone

Vice President
Material, Trucking & Highway Services 
Bay Family Since: 2007

Glen Whittington 

Vice President
Support Services 
Bay Family Since: 1996

Peter Wisniewski

Senior Vice President
Business Development & Strategic Investments
Bay Family Since: 2017
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