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Soft Crafts

Bay Ltd. Industrial Services offers a full range of soft craft resources, including scaffolding, insulation, paint & coatings, fireproofing, abrasive blasting, and facilities maintenance. Our outlook to efficient project planning begins with creative estimating and utilizes the most up to date technology to achieve maximum production time while focusing on working safe. Bay Ltd.’s dedication to employee safety goes above and beyond industry standards. Our comprehensive safety training program, combined with our culture of Beyond Zero, creates one of the safest contractors to partner with in the industry today.


Combined Experience

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Safety First

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Nationwide Service


Bay Ltd.’s Scaffold management team has over 150+ years of combined experience. Our unique approach to safety emphasizes creating a Beyond Zero working environment without hindering production time. We service a variety of major markets including petrochemical processing, refineries, power plants, chemical plants, oil field, pipelines, ship yards, and offshore rigs. Bay Ltd. has an extensive inventory of system scaffold components at multiple facilities across the US, making it possible to service any location in North America.

Insulation Expertise

Bay Ltd.’s’ highly skilled team of expert insulators service a variety of different industries, such as petrochemical, refineries, oil field, chemical plants, and power plants. Our insulation experts are proficient in applying a multitude of insulation types, including but not limited to:

  • Low temp applications (-459.6° F to 60° F)
  • Intermediate temp applications (61°F to 600° F)
  • High temp applications (601°F to 1500° F)

We also excel at identifying and repairing deficient and inadequate insulation in all types of work environments including turnarounds, outages, maintenance activities, as well as large scale capital projects.

Paint & Coatings

Bay Ltd.’s paint and coatings team have the technical expertise to service a wide range of different industries and offer a variety of application methods to choose from. We have the ability to perform work on-site or at one of our state-of-the-art paint facilities located in Corpus Christi, TX or Amelia, LA. Our in-house NACE certified professionals work closely with our NCCER qualified craftsmen to ensure that all work performed both exceeds client demands as well as abides by all environmental regulations. Let Bay Ltd.’s goal-oriented coatings group assist you with your next outage, turnaround, maintenance, grassroots, or capital project.


Our team of fireproofing experts cater to a wide array of different industries such as petrochemical, refining, oil field, pipelines and power plants. We offer a variety of fireproofing applications, such as hand and trowel, gun, or spray-on, depending on each client’s specific needs. We utilize up to date technology, safe practices, and an extensive hiring process to make sure each employee has a focus on safety and a 360 degree understanding of the task they are working on. Along with meeting client demands, Bay Ltd. focuses on creating a safe work environment that minimizes risk while keeping production on schedule.

Abrasive Blasting

At Bay Ltd., we recognize the importance of offering a fully encompassed soft craft service program to our clients. Abrasive blasting is an area of expertise where Bay Ltd. is leading the way. We utilize cutting edge technology and equipment and only hire NCCER qualified personnel that have a minimum three years’ experience. All craftsmen work closely with and are supported by our team of in-house highly qualified NACE inspectors. Depending on what the client is looking for, Bay Ltd. provides the option of performing work on site or in-house at one of our state-of-the-art painting & blasting facilities.

Facilities Maintenance

Bay Ltd. offers a full spectrum of facility maintenance capabilities. Areas of expertise include asset management, equipment organization, debris and trash removal, form work, touch up painting, and mowing & janitorial services. Bay Ltd. is a one stop shop for all of your in house or on-site facility maintenance needs. We take a proactive approach to fostering a safe work environment, through rigorous training programs and creating a culture of safety to minimize risk.