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Wind Power Services

For over 65 years, the team at Bay Ltd. has pooled the diverse talents of every member of our team to offer our clients real solutions for even the most challenging construction projects. Due to the high demand of wind power projects, we have expanded our services to our new Wind Power Services Division.


Corpus Christi, TX –  South Texas Area

Houston, TX – East Texas Area

Midland, TX – West Texas Area

Lubbock, TX – North Texas Area

Wind Power Services Provided

  • Onsite Hauling Services
  • Civil Installations & Improvements
  • Specialized Transportation Services
  • Specialized Lifting Equipment
  • Specialized Rigging Services

Fleet of Specialized Wind Transportation Equipment

  • 6 TK85-EFX Blade Trailers
    • Capacity- 85,000 lbs.
    • Overall length (closed)- 53’
    • Overall length (open)- 173
    • Gooseneck length- 9’2”
    • Width- 8’ 6”   
    • Axles- 3
  • 3 Nicolas Nacelle Trailers
  • 5 Goldhofer Nacelle Trailers
  • 3 Blade Trailers – Doll
  • 3 Blade Trailers – Goldhofer
3D Lift Planning 1
3D Lift Planning 2
3D Lift Planning 3

3D Lift Planning Software

3D Lift Plan is a lift planning and crane selection application. Provided with the weight and dimensions of the object to be lifted, we are able accurately plan any lift. 3D Lift Plan will search the load charts for all your cranes to find the most economical crane configurations for the lift. We can also simulate the entire lift in 3D Lift Plan. To save time, increase efficiency, and identify any onsite obstructions. The database of over 1,400 cranes contains accurate crane dimensions and load charts. We also provide hundreds of custom 3D objects, enabling Bay to deliver a realistic rendering of the lift plan.

Bay Ltd. Cranes

The LTM 11200-9.1 delivers maximum load capacity and one of the longest telescopic booms in the world. Various lattice extensions are also available. The Y telescopic boom guying delivers significant increases in load capacity. The 9-axle chassis includes active, speed-dependent rear-axle steering developed by Liebherr.

  • Max. load capacity- 1,500 US Tons
  • Telescopic boom- 328’
  • Max. hoist height- 617’
  • Max. radius- 440’
  • Number of axles- 9

The Model 18000 can lift up to 825 US Tons with MAXER, striking the ultimate balance between brute strength and ease of mobility to deliver high capacity and a compact footprint.

  • 825 US Tons Capacity No. 55A Boom With MAX-ER
  • 660 US Tons Capacity No. 55 Boom Without MAX-ER
  • 320’ No. 55 Boom
  • 490’ No. 79A Luffing Jib On No. 55 Boom

The LR 1600/2 crawler crane has outstanding load capacities, variable boom and derrick systems as well as enhanced component dimensions for low cost transport. With its bespoke boom system the LR 1600/2 is ideal for the erection of wind turbines.

  • Max. load capacity- 660 US Tons
  • Max. hoist height- 614’
  • Max. radius- 499’

The crawler travel gear on the LTR 1220 delivers excellent off-road handling as well as outstanding maneuverability. In addition, the full load can be moved with the crane. Since a crawler crane does not need to be supported (unlike a mobile crane) it can be made  use on the site quickly and is ready for use immediately.

  • Max. load capacity- 250 US Tons
  • Telescopic boom- 197’
  • Max. hoist height- 331’
  • Max. radius- 289’