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Safety & Quality

People Caring About People: Safety at Work, Home and in the Community

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A Culture of Caring

Bay Ltd. places the highest emphasis on the safety and well being of its employees. As colleagues and friends, we believe in looking out for one another to ensure that every member of our organization remains a healthy, productive member of our team. Together, our company of leaders, managers, craftsmen and staff have helped build a culture of caring and accountability that has become a driving force in our award-winning safety program.

We believe that safety is more than a practice; it is a responsibility to care for others that extends from the jobsite, to our homes and around the community. As a unit, we work to extend our culture of caring into the lives of every person we encounter daily and believe that caring for the safety and well being of others makes us better workers, better citizens and better people.

Bay Ltd. had achieved over 30 million safe man-hours over the course of the last four years without a single lost time incident. Feats such as this cannot be accomplished alone. For this reason, our Beyond Zero safety program stresses the importance of each employee’s responsibility for the safety of others and ensuring that everyone return home in better condition, both mentally and physically, than that in which they came to work. Above all, our commitment to an injury-free workplace is what continues to push our impeccable safety record to even bigger milestones.

Bay recognizes the relationship between the Quality of our work products and the safety of all our personnel.  In reviewing near-miss safety incidents, we invariably discovered areas for improvement in elements of our work quality that could have improved the safety outcome.  For this reason we have initiated a similar Beyond Zero emphasis in our Quality Program as safety and quality in our industry are so closely linked.

Our Commitment to Quality

Through continual improvement, Bay Ltd. is dedicated to furnishing its customers a high quality product with timely delivery in accordance with contract requirements at a competitive price.

ISO Certified Sites

In order to insure continuity in Quality across our Fabrication facilities, Bay has invested in ISO 9001 certification for our Corpus Christi shop.  Our clients are assured that the same work/quality processes are followed no matter where their projects are fabricated.

Achievements and Awards

Our commitment to excellence and impressive track record has led to Bay Ltd.’s growing list of awards for safety and performance including:

  • 5 awards for Meritorious Safety Performance by the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM)
  • Recognition by the Contractor Safety Awards of the South Texas Industrial Industry Safety Excellence Awards Program for 1 million safe man hours
  • 2 VPP Stars Among Excellence Awards for outstanding safety performance at Valero refineries in Corpus Christi and Houston
  • Recognized by the Gulf Coast Safety Council for an Injury Free Award and an award for Outstanding Safety Performance for Mechanical Contractor 100k to 250k man hours