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Bay Ltd. Investment Recovery Group removes crane from devastating collapse in Dallas

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“The Bay Ltd. Investment Recovery group successfully removed the pieces of the tower crane that devastatingly collapsed in Dallas in June, causing one fatality.  Bay Ltd. was awarded the job due to our employee expertise and unparalleled safety record. During the collapse, the machinery arm of the crane stabbed vertically through the roof five stories, not stopping until it hit the ground with 95,000 pounds of counter weight causing the wall of the apartment complex to bulge.

The project initially involved the Bay Ltd. Investment Recovery Group digging a six foot trench under the parking garage to get inside the main court yard of the building to allow access for specialized equipment including a long reach excavator. The excavator pulled the bulging wall down to prevent it from falling. Then they brought a 450 Excavator with Shear attachment in to the courtyard to cut out the first section machinery arm of the crane that was overhanging.

Realizing that the pins of the cab section of the crane were sheared off, and would potentially fall seven stories from the parking garage when starting to remove the next piece of the boom, they then carefully removed the cab using an 800 Ton hydraulic crane.

Using the same crane, they removed the jib from the pool area. They scraped away the debris in search of the counterweights, exercising extreme caution for potentially hazardous household items such as live ammunition. They then removed the next piece of the boom, and turntable.  Using an 800, 500, and 250 ton hydraulic crane, they removed the tower portion.

The next part of the project will involve removing sections of concrete from each of the seven floors and removing 150 + cars with the 800 ton hydraulic crane and a specialized lifting device from the collapsed parking garage.”