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Bay Ltd. Breaks Ground on Bauer Road, Robstown TX

  |   Community, Construction, News, Projects
The Bay Ltd. Highway group, along with LJA Engineering, Nueces County Civil Servants, local church and county officials including the County Purchasing Department, and supporting members broke ground on Bauer Road on Highway 44 to County Road 44
in Robstown. The project will include a total demolition of the existing roadway with an overhaul of improvements. The scope of the project will include subgrade preparation, installation of geogrid, limestone base material, prime coat and HMAC pavement, drainage improvements, driveway excavation, driveway paving, reinforced concrete and corrugated metal pipe culvert cleaning, roadside ditch improvements and seeding. This project would not have been fully possible without the competitive bidding of Bay Ltd.
“This project utilizes state, county and city funds working together to reconstruct Bauer Road while also helping to fix curbs, sidewalks and drainage needs,” said Nueces County Commissioner John Marez. A ground breaking ceremony was held yesterday to celebrate the start of the new infrastructure and drainage project.
“This project was a joined effort and a fight,” Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales said. “The resilience of Robstown’s leaders are strong and county officials pleaded our case for these grant funds, they followed the necessary steps to be heard to improve our infrastructure which was not easy- but we did it.”
Bay Ltd. is proud to be a part of of the Bauer Road project, and we look forward to another opportunity to help our local communities through improving the streets we commute daily.