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Bay Ltd. “Beyond Zero” Summer Photo Contest

  |   Community, News, Safety


Bay Ltd. places the highest emphasis on the safety and well-being of its employees. Our Beyond Zero Safety Program stresses that safety is more than a practice; it is a responsibility that extends from the jobsite, to our homes, and around the community. Because of our commitment to both an injury-free workplace and home environment, we asked our employees to share photos of how they, and their families are practicing and emphasizing safety in their summer activities. We would like to thank each of our employees who participated in our Beyond Zero Summer Photo Contest. We are proud to see our Beyond Zero culture extending to your loved ones, and that our Bay Family is committed to safety in all aspects of their daily lives!

Below are our first, second, and third place “Winners” and “Honorable Mentions” that we believe represent our Beyond Zero Safety Culture. We encourage you to take the time to read about what safety means to our Bay Family!


First Place – Lance, Son of Esmerelda Ortiz, Tank Division

Lance says, “I play safely because I hate getting hurt, and I like having all ten fingers and toes!”


Second Place – Ricardo Santana and Family, Shops Division

“My Family and I go Beyond Zero by wearing Bay Ltd. hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect ourselves when we are outside enjoying BBQ and sunshine!”


Third Place –  Lauren, Camren, and Kaleb, Grand Children of Abel Gonzales, Shops Division

Abel says, “I explained to my grandchildren that at work, Beyond Zero is about and following the safety rules that are in place to keep us from getting hurt, so that we safely return home to our families. My grandchildren told me, “In the river, we wear life jackets, long-sleeved shirts, and sunblock to protect ourselves from the sun, and water shoes to protect our feet.”  His oldest grandchild, Lauren, pictured on the left, who is an avid swimmer, wears a life vest in deeper parts of the river as a precaution.



“Honorable Mentions” 

Farrah, Granddaughter of Nancy Peterson, Accounting

“My family is going Beyond Zero in practicing safety this summer. We took Farrah on her first fishing trip. She wears a life jacket, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, a long sleeve shirt, while on the boat. We taught her safe boating instructions. With her dad’s assistance, she learned how to safely maneuver a fishing pole, and reel in her first red fish! “


Gabriel Barrera, Sarah Keith, Rachel Hernandez, Keeley Salinas, and Octavio De Urioste, Bay Ltd. Interns

“We go Beyond Zero by making sure we all carpool safely to work each morning! Seatbelt check! ”


JoJo, son of Krystal Acuna, Equipment Division

“JoJo goes Beyond Zero by always wearing his helmet when he rides his tricycle.”


Alyssa, daughter of Linda Reyes, Industrial Division

“Although she is a great swimmer, we were in four feet of water, and we practice Beyond Zero by making sure she wears a life jacket while fishing on the boat.”



Children of Edward Donald Duke Jr. ,Operator 

“We practice Beyond Zero by wearing sunscreen when we are at Cole Park flying kites, and enjoying this beautiful summer.”


Justin and Alessandra, children of Lizett Rivera, Marketing Division

“My kids are going Beyond Zero by wearing life jackets while they swim on vacation in Mexico.”