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Bay Ltd. Sets All-New Record with 30 Million Safe Man-Hours

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Bay Ltd. is known for possessing one of the most outstanding safety records in the industry, and has recently accomplished over 30 million consecutive safe man-hours without a lost time accident. Last year was a banner year for the company with the highest yearly man-hours being reported coupled with the lowest recordable incident rate in the entire history of the organization.

Thanks to its impressive  “People Caring About People” initiative, the company routinely sets safety records with its focus on the safety of all. The emphasis on caring for the well being of over 3000 employees in 13 divisions has led to a deep rooted culture that extends far beyond the jobsite and into the lives of each employee, and its implementation was a very conscious decision.

“Our senior management team decided early on that improved safety performance would come from a culture driven place instead of a ‘safety checklist’,” says Bob Blair, Vice President of Bay Ltd. “We are fortunate to work with business partners that also embrace and support a genuine safety culture in all their operating facilities.”

Every employee at Bay Ltd. possesses the authority to evaluate and speak up about any possible unsafe practices, understanding that both Bay and its clients’ management are both committed to fostering a safe work environment. This emphasis on safety and accountability has become a source of pride in a company that places its people as its most valuable asset. “I am proud to be part of a company where the well-being of its employees is the top priority,” says Ed Martin, President and CEO, Berry Contracting, Inc.

As 2016 looms, Bay Ltd. has its sights set on even greater records with goals to lower incident rates even further and make improvements to its safety training, communication methods and other practices. This commitment to excellence is one of the main reasons why the Bay family has consistently been recognized as a nationwide leader in safety and best practices.