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53 Years of Exceptional Service

53 Years of Exceptional Service

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In everyone’s life an event will occur that leads to a life-altering path. These paths can lead to both positive and negative results. In the case of Scott Rushton, it was a change for the good and the good of Bay Ltd.

Moving to Corpus Christi, Texas from Idaho with his wife in 1963, Mr. Rushton found himself looking for work. After a short search, he found an opportunity with Bay Ltd. that had only been in operation for eight years. Fifty-three years later, he remains an employee and holds the honor of most years of service with Bay Ltd. Rushton grew in his knowledge and advancement in the company as Bay Ltd. grew as a local business success story.

Scott Rushton at Bay Ltd.

Scott Rushton at Bay Ltd.

With fifty-three years as an employee, there are many successes to Mr. Rushton’s relationship with Bay Ltd. However, one highlight that stands out in his memory is being part of the crew that helped build the tallest building in Corpus Christi at that time- the Corpus Christi Petrochemical Plant (CCPC). Standing at 359 ft. 6 inches, Mr. Rushton shared his memory of how being up so high never bothered him and how the challenge of the project excited him.

“It made me feel a step above everyone else,” he reminisced. He said he loved that feeling and remarked on the significance of his efforts for the growth of the Coastal Bend.

Mr. Rushton’s success has much to do with his long-standing work ethic. One of the things that have kept him with Bay Ltd. so long is that he is always ready to go to work. As when he started his career those many years ago, he continues to contribute to better the company.

Scott Rushton at Bay Ltd.Another fond memory that Rushton has was his opportunity to work alongside Bay Ltd. founder, Marvin Berry. Working with Mr. Berry is something that he will never forget. Those early memories and his feeling of accomplishment with the company have brought Mr. Rushton great joy.

Mr. Rushton is grateful for the opportunity to do all the things that other people might not have a chance to do. Bay Ltd. is grateful for Mr. Rushton and his loyalty and devotion to our company; grateful, too for the chance events that happen in life.



We are deeply saddened by the loss of Scott Rushton, who passed away on Friday, April 14, 2017. He was a man who will always be remembered as a beloved friend and dedicated employee and will be missed dearly by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.