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Bay Ltd. Services Help Support the Production of Common Household Items

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Some of Bay Ltd.’s construction and fabrication operations are supporting the production of every day household items that you may use daily. Located next to Eagle Ford Shale, the largest oil and gas development in the world, Bay Ltd. has been instrumental in building many of the plants, piping, modules, vessels and tanks used by oil and gas companies to help drill, store and produce their products.

Bay began its work in the Eagle Ford sector by supplying cranes for ConocoPhillips. As the partnership strengthened, other opportunities began to materialize including being awarded site construction of their crude stabilization units, tank fabrication, module fabrication and vessel fabrication. We have also built large vessels for other companies that buy products from the oil companies to produce other products from the oil and gas.

As the oil and gas products are taken out of the ground, it is sent to a crude stabilization plant that our team has helped build. The oil and gas is separated by running it through the modules and interconnect piping that was built by our Corpus Christi and Louisiana shop yards and installed by our Industrial Division. Some of the oil is stored in tanks that Bay’s Tank Division built while other liquids called natural gas liquids (NGL’s) are stored in vessels built by BeFab, or Berry Fabrication.

These vessels are designed to break the NGL’s into four different gasses: butane, ethane, propane and isobutane. Butane is primarily used as a fuel in refineries to help blend gasoline; ethane is used for making plastics products like Saran Wrap, while polyethylene is used to help ripen fruit. Propane and isobutane can be found in many household products such as Pantene and Aussie hairsprays, shaving cream, shampoo and even sunscreen and can be used as a refrigerant and to enhance the octane content of gasoline. Isobutane and propane blends are also used as modern aerosol propellants since it was discovered in the 1980’s that propellants like chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) were harming the ozone layer.

The next time you are getting ready for work in the morning, think of all of the products and conveniences that were helped produced right here in Corpus Christi by our team at Bay Ltd.