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Valero Tier III CDHDS Project

  |   News, Safety

Bay Ltd. has successfully completed one of the most challenging vessel fabrication projects that we have ever been awarded. The 130’ long, 18’6” in diameter, and 3” thick vessel took only a few short months to complete after the start of fabrication. After it was completed, the vessel was hauled to the Valero plant, and a 1000 Ton Manitowoc crane was used to lift and set the 975,000-pound vessel into place. In the span of the project, our employees completed over 60,000 man hours of labor without a single injury. An appreciation BBQ was held in the Bay Yard to recognize the shops and heavy haul crews for developing an excellent, creative execution plan, and maintaining a safety-driven focus throughout the duration of the project. We are extremely proud of each team member for this incredible accomplishment!